Getting OpenGLES Running on the Pi

I’m experimenting with Jon Macey’s NGL library for the pi. It’s a little tough to get it running. For one, the ObjDemo doesn’t build as the makefile’s include path refers to “piNGL” whilst the actual directory is called “pingl”. Making that subtle change allowed me to build the demo. His directions state that piNGL needs to be installed at the root of the “home” directory. For a Linux noob like me, it’s not exactly clear what is the home directory. But typing:

echo $HOME

will get you what you need. For a basic install of the pi in which you haven’t changed the default user name (it’s “pi” by default) this will be something like:


Therefore the pingl directory should be:


And, if you’ve renamed the pingl directory to piNGL, then you’ll have to update your ~/.bashrc file to include:


I also found that the ObjDemo would only present a white screen without a better CPU/GPU memory split. In my case, I renamed start.elf on the boot partition to startBACKUP.elf and renamed arm128_start.elf to start.elf. Restarting the device with this updated setting splits the CPU and the GPU with 128 Mb each.

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