Necessity is the mother of invention.

I had an opportunity to sit with Stephen Elliot last week and talk Dynamo. He’s been doing a lot of work on Dynamo’s interface and is also responsible for the functional programming aspects of Dynamo. It became apparent after our second meeting of my visit to Waltham that a) he’s a mad genius who can put together a Dynamo node that will tie your shoes in seconds flat and b) I would need some way of taking notes in the workflow so that I wouldn’t immediately forget everything he taught me after we parted. So, I present “notes”: the ability to write notes in your Dynamo workflow.


During the same trip to Waltham, I left my mouse behind so I found myself trying to figure out how to pan a workflow using the trackpad on a Macbook Pro. Turns out the trackpad is not set up to act like a 3 button mouse because Apple believes you should be able to pinch and zoom your iPhoto gallery and three finger swipe between Spaces (who uses those anyways?) but they don’t believe you should be able to use the “pan” functionality in any 3D software which is typically mapped to the middle mouse button. So I made it possible to zoom around the Dynamo workflow using your arrow keys – take that Apple. There’s still a little bit of weirdness getting the keyboard to focus correctly in order to catch the arrow key presses. You might have to “tab” a couple of times to get the focus in the canvas where your nodes are before you can start arrow-keying around. Spelunking to the 7th level of WPF event routing hell in order to fix this problem is way beyond my pay grade at this late hour.

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