Git Love

I am, once again, rebuilding my BootCamp partition on my Mac. It seems like every six months Windows decides to eat itself alive, creating all manner of unreadable file sectors on the disk, and throwing me into an endless cycle of checkdsk on boot-up. The only real solution is a complete rebuild. I actually like Windows 7, and were it not for its unnerving habit of eating days of my productivity with prosaic tasks like updating my virus definitions, I might actually find more excuses to use it.

I’m becoming quite adept at abandoning ship. Because I do most of my development on the Mac, and use the PC partition only for .net development, I keep the files which are sacred to me in a couple of key locations which can be tossed into a life boat when the time comes to scuttle the ship. If I were half as clever as I’d like to believe that I am, I’d actually put these files into DropBox and be done with local storage altogether. In fact, most of the code I have for development already lives in gitHub or other code repositories so backing them up is as simple as git push. The point during this process at which I realize that I don’t have to copy my source code because it’s nestled snug in its bed at gitHub is the point at which I promise if I ever meet Linus Torvalds, I’ll kiss him full on the lips. I would kiss someone from gitHub as well, but they’ve done a pretty good job of remaining faceless, I suppose to avoid such awkward encounters.

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